Members come together to create plain pumpkins into holiday delights.  There is a spot for everyone!  This is where friendships are made!!  The day of the sale our workroom transforms into a colorful pumpkin patch.

Our many projects that we do throughout the year are funded by this one event!!

This project is the only fundraiser for Circle of Friends.  It is held on a Saturday in October, but work begins the middle of September.

An empty building space is donated for one month each year and that becomes our workshop and sale location.  We move from year to year, but after 31 years, people are still able to find us.

For the last several years we have met our goal of painting on over 1,000 pumpkins!



There  is a place for everyone that wants to help; setting up the building for painting, unloading and washing pumpkins, drawing on pumpkins, painting in the lines, organizing patterns, embellishing the tops of the finished painted ones, pricing, arranging, and setting up for the sale day, working the sale, and finally packing it all away for storage.

2019 Pumpkin Sale
October 21-26, 2019
5113 Davis Blvd., NRH 76180

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